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Sand Volleyball at Gatsby's

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2018 Session 2 Schedule

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Gatsby's Volleyball League Rules

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League Rules

Team Standings

Monday Night

Team: W-L

Bump, Set, WTF:  8-1

IJUS: 1-8

Marie's Team: 5-4

Beer Me: 7-2

It's a Family Affair: 4-5

Hit Faced: 2-7

Tuesday Night

See James

Wednesday Night A

Team Name: W-L

Bump, Set, WTF: 6-6

One Beer Heroes: 3-9

I Need Sets: 2-10

Bumpin Uglies: 7-5

Old Skool: 8-4

Biofreeze: 6-6

Here 2 Serve: 5-7

Gatsbys: 1-11 

Wednesday Night B

 Team Name: W-L 

Spiked Punch: 8-4

Gahanna Pub: 7-5

Six on the Beach: 12-0

Sandy Nips: 2-10

Here for Beer: 1-11

Two Dink Minimum: 6-6

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